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Nobu USA


Become a Nobu Dealer Today


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Nobu dealer. Nobu is focused on the growth and expansion of our nationwide dealer network and is proactively seeking dealers to represent Nobu’s product line. At Nobu we clearly understand that our dealer network is our strongest asset. We make a clear effort to accommodate our dealers by providing simple online ordering and regular special promotions. We urge you to join our team and experience the growth that your company deserves.

Why Join?

  • Nobu’s award winning inwall touchscreens are specifically designed, tested, and certified to be installed into a wall (unlike other systems), making them safe, reliable, and compliant with building code and inspectors.
  • The N8 is second to none in performance, with an embedded Intel® 1Ghz Celeron M employing dynamic graphical user interfaces is no problem. The N8’s impressive graphic capabilities allows your company to differentiate your user interface to stand out from the industry norm. 
  • Dealers can access dealer pricing online as well as current promotions.
  • We will work along side our dealers to help provide optimal service and support.  

To join:

  1. Create an account at our online store. Once your Dealer status is approved, you can begin ordering products.
  2. Order a demo unit for your showroom.


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